Our Project

The Little Rose Bakery is organised and run by the girls to raise funds to support the shelter and to continue to provide a sustainable future.

The bakery is a social enterprise which aims to produce a steady and sustainable income by selling high quality cakes, breads and pastries to the local and expatriate communities surrounding the orphanage, as well as providing local schools and businesses with delicious and affordable treats. The aim is to provide the orphanage with a sustainable income provided by its own resources and to allow them to become less reliant on donations. The produce is locally sourced and produced in the orphanage’s own bake house. The bakers have been trained by both local Vietnamese and Western experts and a range of local and Western specialties are produced.

Whilst there are a range of bakeries in the area, the Little Rose bakery is dedicated to improving the lives of the girls who live within the Little Rose Shelter. By buying your baked goods from us, you are helping to secure the lives and futures of all of the girls who reside within Little Rose.

Thank you.

The Bakery Team

The Bakery team at the Little Rose Shelter is led by Ms Elena Cano who is a certified and professional baker. The heart of the baking team is a select number of the older girls from the Little Rose Shelter. The team of girls is undergoing professional training and is thoroughly enjoying the challenge of learning to bake and design their scrumptious, delightful products. The girls are shown a variety of new skills which they learn quickly so that they can manage the production themselves, from baking to packaging. They are incredibly adaptable and dynamic in the kitchen!


The bakery at the Little Rose Shelter is a social enterprise foundation with all donations and proceeds going directly to finance the shelter and the bakery project. The shelter uses donation money to help to support the girl’s education and professional qualifications but also can be used to support the welfare of the girls in other holistic ways. The shelter sometimes needs maintenance and repairs and funding is used to carry out essential works from time to time. In addition to this, proceeds are used to further the progress of the bakery. In order to meet our ambitious vision for the girls, in the future the bakery will require some more specialist equipment and further building works. All proceeds are used to make sure that the environment is fit for producing products on a mass scale as our project continues to grow. We also use charitable donations to fund our marketing team – everything from the website to our leaflets – everything we achieve is thanks to our sponsors and kind donations to the shelter and the bakery. All money donated goes directly to supporting the girls and their future.  

Product Quality

The Little Rose Bakery is committed to expert standards of hygiene and the highest standards of quality in production. We only work in conditions that meet European health and safety regulations and we have been inspected in 2018. The Bakery team are equipped with specialist uniforms and cleaning products to ensure absolute sanitary conditions. All of the girls are trained in this respect and understand the benefit of maintaining these principles. Our products are quality tested and assured with the highest standards of production, decoration and packaging – we want you to have the very best!

Our Products
Our products are handmade and fresh and we do not keep stock. Please bear in mind that we require a couple of days to process and bake your goods.
Delivery charges may apply.
Thank you for your understanding.

Pastry made with choux dough filled with  cream and topped with chocolate.
Filling  flavors available: Plain Cream, Cream with Orange,  Cream with Raspberry, and Cream with  Passion Fruit.

Each   ₫12,000 (minimum order 10 units, same flavour)

Home made loaf of white bread with the best ingredients. Whole or sliced.

Each   ₫25,000 (minimum order 2 units)

Our Cookies
Our products are handmade and fresh and we do not keep stock. Please bear in mind that we require a couple of days to process and bake your goods.
Thank you for your understanding.

Only by request. You can order from any past collection or tell us what  do you need, we can help you with weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, etc.

Home made cupcakes, different flavors, toppings. In  two sizes small and large.